Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Squat... Abbreviated Version

Squat Cycle 10 Wendler 5/3/1 Set of 5+ Reps
5 minute walk
PVC Rolls-Hamstring Toes Out, Straight Up, and Toes In 5 passes each
Glute x 10 passes each side
Piriformis x 10 passes each side
Side of Quad x 10 passes each side
Front Quad x 10 passes each side
Above 2 Rounds

X5 X5 X3 X5 X5 X5+
155 195 235 255 290 330
170 215 255 280 320 365

I was able to get 330 x 12 reps and Lou was able to get 365 x 14. Same # of reps but up 5 lbs. Belt on last two sets.
I was unsure how many I would get because I banged up my knee and it was swollen but was good to go.

After squat, 60 lbs. DB Swings and DB Front Squat-10 reps each exercise 5 rounds. In and out in 45 min. No video had no time. I even thought of leaving right after the squat. Don't know when I can leave Wendler 5/3/1 because I have been making good gains but there is other stuff to try. Track meet Wednesday so next training session will be Thursday with Push Press for x 3+ reps.
28th B-Day Today.

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