Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mike Mahler Hormone Optimization Lecture Review


Hormones and the effect they have on your body-I don't think there is anything more misunderstood when regarding performance. There are so many chemical reactions going on in the body you have to expect they can change your mood, function and even your body composition.

I didn't know Mike Mahler was going to give a lecture on Hormone Optimization but he opened up my mind to new possibilities outside of the weight room and normal "supplements".

The 3 main hormones Mike Mahler talked about were:
  • Leptin
  • Insulin
  • Adrenaline
I will focus on Insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a condition where the body doesn't produce insulin correctly. When your body becomes insulin resistant it needs more insulin to help the body use glucose for energy. As with most things, too much is usually a bad thing.


Even though Mike Mahler talked a good hour about the above hormones I decided to research more and find some audio of it broken down and steps to take to get insulin under control.

Mike Mahler-Super Human Radio-Insulin Resistance-Press Play to Listen!

I cam across an interview Mike Mahler did on Super Human Radio where he talked about the 11 Supplements to Combat Insulin Resistance. I decided to listen and take some brief notes on the supplements he list and their benefits.
  1. Magnesium-very important! It helps regulate insulin and helps you sleep better. Also magnesium deficient conditions are anxiety, depression, headaches, cardiovascular issues, obesity and list of others ailments. It is important enough there is a whole book written on the Benefits of Magnesium. The best kind you can take is transdermal which is absorbed through the skin. You can find it here.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar-Dr. Carol Johnston conducted a study in which subjects that consumed apple cider vinegar prior to eating a high carbohydrate meal cut blood sugar surge by 50% and works just as well as the diabetes drug Metformin. 2 tablespoons before a meal. DO NOT DRINK STRAIGHT!!! IT WILL CAUSE YOU TO GAG AND POSSIBLY PASS OUT!!! or at least thats what happened to me. Dilute the 2 tablespoons with water.
  3. Coconut Oil-You can cook with this and it helps reduce carbohydrate intake and you can get energy from the medium chain triglycerides. Also has been shown to curb sugar cravings. I usually cook my breakfast with it or just add it straight into the blender with my protein shake.
  4. Acetyl-Carnitine-Taking carnitine has been show to increase cell fuel burning and improve glucose tolerance.
  5. Cinnamon-Studies have shown that it can reduced LDL (BAD) cholesterol, blood sugar, overall cholesterol and triglycerides.
  6. R-Lipoic Acid-helps increase glucose metabolism
  7. Fenuplex-Adding this supplement can lower body fat by metabolizing glucose. It also lowers blood sugar levels. Strength Coach Charles Poliquin talks about product here.
  8. Resveratrol-Has been shown to block estrogen and lower blood sugar.
  9. Vitamin D-Low Vitamin D levels can lead to declines in brain function and and can trigger Type II Diabetes. Get the drops because it is easier to add to your diet instead of swallowing the pills.
  10. CoQ10-Increasing CoQ10 can help treat heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetic symptoms as well as help increase glucose metabolism.
  11. Fish Oil-The benefits are endless. Here's a few, reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol, arthritis, insulin sensitivity.
  12. Pomegranates-An extra Mike threw in and it can increase glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.
There you have it some supplements you might not have heard of and their benefits. Next time I will pick the top 5 you can add to your diet starting this New Year. Again I would like to thank Mike Mahler for his lecture during the Kettlebell Seminar and his interview on Super Human Radio.

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