Sunday, March 20, 2011

What To Do On Your Day Off Part 2

Days off away from the gym are a thing of beauty. In Part 1 of What To Do On Your Day Off we talked about 2 easy ways to remain active while your not playing with weight; Walking and Swimming. Keep in mind when putting together this list it had to be inexpensive, fun and easy to do. So lets come up with some more ideas that will keep you busy.

3.Play in an Intramural Sports League.

What have you been training for? Better aerobic condition? More stamina? Jump higher? Be more explosive? Push people around down low in the paint? Hopefully you have had a goal for your training. It can be to look good naked or be able to hang with your guys during a pick-up basketball game. Why not measure yourself against some other guys who are probably the same age as you? What better way to determine if you have been wasting your time in the gym and during your conditioning? Keep in mind with Intramural Sports League there is a risk of injury and the seasons last about 6 weeks. I have played in softball and flag football leagues. During those games I was able to hold my own and make some plays. Another good thing about playing Intramurals is it gives you an opportunity to let out some pent up aggression and stress through competition.

4.Ride a Bike

If it's good enough for Pee Wee, it's good for me. Put aside that Pee Wee's Big Adventure was my favorite growing up. Riding a bike is an excellent way to get moving and get rid of soreness after a heavy lower body session. Let's not forget you are outside and able to go longer distances either on a trail or the street. Also don't ride alone find someone to ride with you in case you wipe out.

5.Do Nothing (Except Eat and Sleep)

Sometimes doing nothing is always a good idea. I know you ADHD cats out there are squirming at the thought of inactivity whatever go pop a Ritalin. Just like my bro Zach Even-Esh says "Rest Days are the SHIZZZZ!" It doesn't get more anabolic than eating or sleeping and now you'll have time for both. Simple enough just make sure your room is cool, dark and all distractions have been turned off or better yet move them out of the room.

Hope you enjoyed the list of 5 good things that you can do when you don't have a barbell or dumbbell in your hand. Choose one of these and plan your off-days like your regular sessions.

Thanks for checking out Part 1 & 2 and if you have a Facebook Account login and post a comment on your favorite Off-Day activities. Let's add to the list!

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