Monday, July 9, 2012

Top 3 Ways To Cure Sore Muscles

For many, hard training has its intended benefits which include muscles size, strength, endurance. But sometimes we experience the unpleasant side effects of strains, pull, and the most common muscles soreness.  Train hard using compound movements with explosive exercises like I talk about here, then soreness is bound to happen.  After intense training a couple of days pass and you resemble the Tin Man needing some oil just to move around.  I got the hookup to help you move better in a shorter time.

1.  Foam Roll

I enjoy foam rolling.  For me and my athletes, I find there is benefit from rolling before every training sessions.  It loosens up any knots, prepares the muscles for hard training, and gets more blood flowing through out the body.  When soreness has crept in to the body a foam or PVC roller can be the best tool to decrease the amount of time you feel uncomfortable.  Go to Lowes or Home Depot and buy 3-4 inch diameter precut PVC pipe.  There is no excuse as to why you don't have one or why you shouldn't roll every day.  For us, let's put it to use because I can't think of a cheaper self-massage tool.  Focus on major body parts keep away from joins and pick and easy amount of reps or passes.  During the first couple of reps you will experience some discomfort depending on how banged up you are.  But like Kramer said, "From pain, will come pleasure."

2.  Do The Same Things That Made You Sore

I know, I know when I suggest this to people give me more sideways looks than any other recommendation.  It's OK, I get it.  In order to help relieve some of the discomfort from hard training a very light weight is an excellent option.  This will ensure that the same muscles affected from hard training will be moved in their normal capacity and blood will start flowing out of the area taking lactic acid with it.  Stay super light, nothing crazy just nice and easy.  As with all movements complete a full range of motion.  Do this between foam rolling and there is no doubt you will feel better sooner.

3.  Find Something Active to Do

This one is my favorite suggestion because it helps with your soreness but you don't realize it.  To take it a step further pick an activity that you have to use the muscles without thinking about it.  For example, after completing a brutal full body session of heavy squats and overhead presses you won't feel it until a couple of days later.  So what's a fun activity where you must use your arms and legs?  There are many but swimming is a heck of an idea.  Just think about complaining about aching muscles could result in you sinking to the bottom.  The act of swimming is also similar to completing countless reps in a weightless state which is great for the joints.  The temperature of the water can also have some therapeutic effects.  Obviously, do not try this if you can't swim or you are so deathly sore you can move at all.

What are some of your best ways to get rid of soreness?  Everyone is always looking for something new, so let me know at the NB Strength Coach Fan Page I'd love to hear some other things that work!


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