Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1 Year and Counting...

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Today is a special day my friends.  It's been 1 year since filing the DBA and opening up the gym of NB Strength Coach.  The time spent in the gym has been awesome and some good friends have come through those doors to get stronger than ever.

Now is the time to thank my supporters and those who trust me with their physical fitness.

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Big Lou and I have been lifting for along time.  Not only is he my brother but he is the first to go through all the training I put out as he is my partner.  He's been there to training no matter what and enjoy the time we spend in the gym.

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Raelyn is one of the original trainees.  I've been lucky enough to train her since the before the start of her 7th grade year and have seen her get stronger than most guys.  Her work ethic has allowed her to be able to play volleyball with girls much older than her and dominate.  I expect nothing but big things from her.

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When I first started training, I only wanted to work with current athletes.  I thought they would be motivated and could do advanced movements with them.  One weekend I decided to have a Free Session for anyone and Johnny jumped all over it.  This opened up my vision to Ex-Athletes who had the drive for new challenges.  Johnny has been coming for a while and is constantly making improvements.

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Nick also stepped out on a limb one day and showed up to a Free Session Saturday.  He had been lifting on his own but the intensity wasn't there.  As a fellow Unicorn Alum I knew he had it in him.  It was a rough start adapting to the new routine but he took it head on building his Deadlift max up to 465.

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I would also like to thank my beautiful wife for allowing me to spend time with the people that walk into my gym.  Without her this isn't possible.

And anyone else I missed because in reality this post would take up so many pages shouting out everyone.  Thanks

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