Saturday, July 13, 2013

Firefighter Physical Preparation Part 1

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It's been too long since my last entry, but trust me I've been grinding away at NB Strength Gym. Recently my boy Nick G contacted me looking for some help on the physical portion of the firefighters exam.  I know some firefighters and guys trying to become one, so I had no doubt that it would be strenuous.

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The test consists of 8 Events completed in 10:20
Stair Climb
Hose Drab
Equipment Carry
Ladder Raise
Forcible Entry
Ceiling Breach and Pull

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Nick got a hold of me on 4/15 with a deadline of 5/10/13.  As you can see not much time, but I knew we could get it done.  I wanted to increase strength in press, squat and pull.  I also figured increasing mobility and range of motion couldn't hurt so we attacked some weak areas.  To finish it up, work under time restrictions based mainly on odd objects would help us hit all the bases.  Putting it all together we would work on flexibility, mobility, general body weight, core lift coupled with an auxiliary movement finished off with an odd object timed complex.

1A) PVC Roll
1B) Lacrosse Ball on Scaps
2A) Push-up
2B) Band Pull-apart
3A) Push-up to Toe Touch
3B) Vest Bear Crawl
4A) Trap Bar Deadlift up to 3x5
4B) Sled Tug of War (Thick Rope)
As Many Rounds As Possible
5A) Farmers Walk
5B) Sledge Swings x5
5C) Push-up x 10
5D) BW Squat x 15

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Fortunately for us Nick attended a practice run on 4/29 and was able to bring back valuable information so I could make adjustments.  Nick went to the practice and was able to complete the course but, we didn't like how much time we had left so we really cranked it up!  Come back for Part 2 to see what changes we made.  Until then stop by NB Strength Coach Facebook to see peeps hitting it hard.

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