Who am I?

Ever since I was a Freshman in High School I have respected Strength and Conditioning.  It took a bar from a Bench Press falling on my cheek bone to let me know not anyone can just go into a weight room and expect good things to happen!  You need direction!

My passion for Strength and Conditioning lay dormant throughout my Undergraduate Education at Texas State University in San Marcos.  It wasn't until I attended Graduate School and taught Weightlifting Courses at College Level that I knew I wanted to help individuals reach their goals whether it is weight loss or moving heavy weight.

During my Graduate Education at Texas State I was FORTUNATE to study under Texas State Strength Coach Leo Seitz.  He opened me up to a new way of training that didn't revolve around "getting a pump."
In addition to my time studying under Coach Seitz I was also able to secure an Internship with Coach "Mad Dog" Madden at University of Texas.  When you are around one of the Strength Coach of one of the most successful College Football Program in the country you can learn way more just being around him than any text book can show you.
Maddog Madden
I have continued my education in Strength and Conditioning through certifications, seminars and real-world experience.  I am constantly researching better ways to help others achieve their fitness goals.  I love my girlfriend and my family they have been there every step of the way.
S and M

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