Saturday, August 14, 2010

Living Life Like The Boys

I want to introduce you to Elliot, Rowdy and Bogey. This will hopefully be a 3-Part series. Don't want to leave any of them out. Sitting in the backyard of my fiancées house. I began comparing the dogs to people. Obviously each one has their own personality but today I am going to focus on Elliot.

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You may be wondering what I can learn from this Wienie Dog. Well that's what I am here for. I will tell you why you should be living life like Elliot.

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Dogs are interesting animals because they size each other up when they are together and each of my boys comes from somewhere different kinda like a Frat House.


Elliot is not the biggest "Dawg in the Yard." Not the youngest. Not the fastest. But none of the other dogs mess with him. You know why? Because he commands respect. So why am I telling you this. Although he is pretty happy now there are some clues that make me believe he has had a tough life. Because my fiancée found him walking the streets and no one came looking for him. He also gets in the bath tub all the time which makes me think it might have also doubling as his dog house. On top of that there is something wrong with his front right leg.

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Here is where you pay attention and learn something. I KNOW he hasn't had it as bad as some other dogs. The "take-home message" of this post is he has had an uphill battle but it hasn't stopped him.

It hasn't stopped him from running around, getting under the house and generally being into all kinds of stuff. It also hasn't stopped him from being the ALPHA DOG.


No not that movie by Justin Timberlake. More like the HDIC (Head Dog In Charge).

That is how you can live your life. Try not using anything from your past or present as an excuse for your success.

  • Not getting good grades because your parents are fighting? Use it as motivation to get out of there or do something with your life.
  • Don't think you fit in at a certain college because of what side of the tracks you live on? Who gives a crap? Not your future employers that's for sure.
  • Didn't get the promotion at work? At least you have a job or instead of thinking you got screwed think how maybe someone did something extra that left you behind.
  • Getting older and your body is falling apart? Don't make me pull up the countless stories of handicapped people accomplishing more than you.

Hopefully you don't take this post as a scolding but rather as a kick in the pants to get you going. A "Call to Arms" for you to look at your self to determine what is really holding you back from your goals. Being able to identify what is holding you back will help you identify what you need to change. And if it is something you can't change learn how to adapt or you will continue to spin your wheels.

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