Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zach Even-Esh Movement Lecture Review
Strength and Conditioning is a rapidly changing field of study.  There are tons of people that know about training and achieving results.  Something new that I have come across is Movement lectures.  

I rarely listen to music while I drive so audio books or podcasts are usually playing on my iPhone.  Movement lectures is a great idea because for a small fee you can purchase audio of a topic of interest related to strength and conditioning.  The first one I listened to was Zach Even-Esh Training the High School Athlete.  In this 44 minute lecture, Zach does a great job of explaining why and how he trains his athletes.  

Zach goes into detail about his experiences that led him to develop the Underground Method.  Through out most of his competitive career he believed you could outwork the opponent.  Not true.  This type of training philosophy let to many injuries and not be able to compete.  I enjoy this part of the audio because I am curious about how people come up with their ideas.  Past experiences shape our training and something happened along the way that made you do things a certain way.  Look at how things are going is something missing?  Do you need to take one thing out?  

The simplicity of Zach's methods can be misleading.  More and more strength coaches are popping up trying to confuse people with wild methods and claims.  The underground method has evolved to an athletic warm up followed by Power/Strength Movement, strength endurance, muscle building and conditioning.  Listening to this part is worth the cost of the MP3.  When you have a template, it is easier to choose the exercises to fill in for specific needs.  Don't know the exercises to pick?  He helps detail some compound movements everyone should be doing.

The last part of the lectures is very fascinating because it gives you insight into the mind of a successful strength coach.  Many different factors contribute to training an athlete so get out paper and close attention.  I don't want to give away too much, so download it!

To wrap things up, I think Movement lectures is a great idea and should gain popularity fairly quickly.  For less $5,  I was able to listen to quality audio on a subject of my choice from a knowledgeable strength and conditioning professional.  If you like to read and listen, a transcript is also available to download WITH purchase.  I recommend stopping by to see what subject interests you.

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