Saturday, May 5, 2012

Elite Training Workshop Review

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a workshop help in Frisco, Texas.  The lineup had some heavy hitters of the fitness industry including Dave Schmitz, BJ Gaddour, Mike Robertson, and Eric Cressey.  Each brought their own unique style, expertise and energy.  I knew I wanted to attend the Elite Training Workshop because it was held in Texas, I just didn't know if I could make it because of other work responsibilities.  I missed out on the business seminar, but things worked out to attend the training portion.  The seminar was at 9 a.m., so I woke up at 3 a.m. kissed my wife, drove the 5 hours, got blasted by the presenters and drove 5 hours back home.  

First up was Dave Schmitz.  He was older than every other presenter, but that didn't mean sh** because he had that look in his eyes that "it's about to go down!"  For those who don't know Dave is The Band Man.  His performance strength training relies heavily on resistance bands.  Truthfully, I had only used bands for prehab, rehab, warmup and occasional accommodating resistance.  Dave did and excellent job of showing some basic movements that were cranked up when the bands were added.  The workout was bootcamp style that used intervals of work and rest.  Perform an exercise for a specific time and rest for time as well.  The benefit of this type of training is it can be done anywhere and can be progressed or regressed with different band strengths.  Make sure to look at any of the band resources because you can implement this stuff today.

Next up was B.J. Gaddour and although I have not studies him as much I knew he is part of innovative training systems of Workout Muse and Streamfit.  B.J. is a guy on a mission to bring fitness to as many people as possible.  B.J.'s training consisted of body weight and band intervals.  If you would like to see the exact exercise, rep, set, interval protocol visit this website.  Most of the exercises were basic movements including push ups, band exercises, jumps, animal movements.  This type of training is awesome because it doesn't require a lot of space or equipment and it gets bodies moving.  Training expertise aside, B.J. is a very intense person as he was able to lead, train, coach and motivate all at the same time.  He will be himself no matter what!

After lunch most of the training was done and lecture became the focus.  Mike Robertson, owner of IFAST, spoke on corrective exercises.  Now there are many ways to define corrective exercises, but remember they focus on injury prevention and improving performance.  To attack these weak areas you need to focus on strength, stability and mobility.  Most joints will need to increase stability or strength at that joint or range of motion.  Knowing that these areas need extra attentions puts you ahead most people.  Strive for no weak sports in  the kinetic chain of a exercise.  

Finally to wrap things up Eric Cressey brought immense knowledge regard baseball training.  The demands of baseball are incredible with running, jumping, sliding, catching, throwing and hitting.  Med Ball work is perfect for this activity sin it is so difficult to load those movement patterns with traditional resistance.  Using a med ball allows the coach to safely and effectively load certain aspects of a given sport.  MB's can also be used to train volleyball players.  I used a chest pass to simulate explosion of blocking and scoop throws to resemble setting.  As with any explosive exercise make sure they have an adequate strength base.  Also be aware of the reactive for of a throw and it's okay if they aren't ready to use MB's.

I am grateful that a seminar with some extremely talented fitness professionals was in Texas.  Attending the workshop was well worth the 10 hours in a car and getting put through the ringer physically.  Give your training a leg up and go to an Elite Training Workshop if you are able to make it.  
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