Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No One Gives a...

....who you trained with....

Hopefully you are into the swing of things with whatever you have going on this coming Fall and you are kicking some major tail whether it been in your athletic season, at the gym or in your job. This post is for the athletes out there who thought that training with certain people, ex-athletes or do certain exercises like 1-Leg Contralateral DB Bulgarian Snatches was going to be all that they needed in order to excel in their sport.

But my trainer was....

There are usually 2 things that will determine the success of an Off-Season Program.
  1. Exercise Selection/Programming
  2. Athlete Effort
Why do you think Bill Starr's Program has been so damn good? Exotic exercises with specific tempos? Bench, Squat, Clean. Any questions? Training with someone because they were successful at their sport when they played DOES NOT translate to your achievements on the field.

I took this philosophy and applied it to Raelyn. It was this past summer and she was going into 7th Grade and was going to tryout for the volleyball team. Now you would think that would be easy but at this school it is very competitive. Many of the girls that go to the school get private lessons or on a Club Traveling Team. Raelyn was already a good volleyball player but wanted to improve her strength, flexibility and conditioning during the summer before tryouts. I knew she would be playing her sport frequently at open gyms and she attending another Speed and Quickness Camp so my main focus was Strength.

Great. Basic Lifts. Rotate the Volume and Intensity. Train outside at a local park.

Sessions were 50 minutes to an hour which included PVC Pipe Rolling, Band Assisted Stretching, Training and Cool-Down. PVC Pipe Roll-Hamstring, Quad, Glute, Low Back. Band Assisted Stretch of same as above. Training consisted of 1-2 major strength movements rotated from 8, 5, 3 reps, followed by an explosive power movement x 5 reps then auxiliary lifts to build muscle. Auxiliary lifts were super-setted x 10 reps. Finisher-Sled Drags, Sled Hammers, Sprints, Stairs. Redo PVC and Band Stretching.

Below is a example of a training session.

Workout A

Hex Dead


DB Push Press Throws

1A) Sand Bag Walking Lunge
NB Strength Coach,Weight Lifting,Strength Training,Strength and Conditioning,Wendler,5/3/1
1B) DB Rows

2A) Sand Bag Front Squat

2B) DB/Plate Front Raise

Conditioning-Sled Drags 5 x Front and Back x 45 lbs. on ELITEFTS SLED. or Stairs

After 6 weeks:
  • Dead 80 lbs. x 8 to 180 lbs. x 3
  • Military 20 lbs. x 8 to 45 lbs. x 3
  • Squat 55 lbs. x 8 to 90lbs. x 3

112_0813.jpg picture by nbstrengthcoach

....and made the A team at her middle school and the traveling team....She was one of the best people to train because her EFFORT was outstanding and she knew it would pay off during the season. Good Luck with the rest of the season Raelyn.

Have you been wasting your time????

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