Sunday, June 6, 2010

Some Summer Conditioning Options

Can't decide what type of conditioning you should this summer? Steady State Cardio or Explosive Conditioning? One drags on forever while the other is short burst with recovery. Look at the picture above and do what they would do. Easy enough, right? Also you can add it to the end of your workout for 10-15 minutes or have a day just for conditioning. I wouldn't just leave you without any options....
Run It
Find some stairs or a hill and sprint them. Again start off with a few reps then keep building up each workout as long as your body responds positively. If you think it's too much back off a little. Also be careful going up the first couple of times it might take some time to feel out the steps and the incline.

Or you can combine two and run the stairs with a Sandbag. I had a 25 lb. sandbag and took as much time as I needed to hit 20 times up and down. Next workout will try and beat the previous time.

No equipment needed just find a hill. With the hill you may need some cleats depending on how steep. I started off with 10 sprints and progressed 5 each time to stay around 30 sprints. I have done as many as 40. Take your stop watch and try and hit 1 a minute Up, Down plus Rest. 1 Sprint=Up and Down.
112_0514.jpg picture by nbstrengthcoach
I saw a Local Tennis Coach run his team under a highway overpass. Effective? Yes. It is a little bit tougher on the body since it is concrete so be careful.
112_0519.jpg picture by nbstrengthcoach
Drag It
Put weight on a sled and drag. Repeat. I think the heavier the better. Make sure your tow strap is hooked tight I have wiped out before. Pick a distance and count that as a rep. Sprint with the weight and don't stop. If you do it on grass it will be tougher to drag. This below videos we about 40 yards x 10 trips back and front. You can get one made cheap by a welder the materials are pretty much scrap that they have laying around a shop.
Throw it
Find some dumbbells or make a cheap sandbag and throw it, walk or run to it and throw it again. Options are chest throw, double dumbbells throw, dumbbell swing throw. Keep the reps moderate between 5-8 in order to ensure maximum force production and keep rest periods short in order to keep heart rate up.
Sandbag Throw

SandBagThrow.jpg picture by nbstrengthcoach

Double Dumbbell Throw
DoubleDumbbellThrow.jpg picture by nbstrengthcoach
Dumbbell Swing Throw
DumbbellSwingThrow.jpg picture by nbstrengthcoach
Push It
If you are fortunate enough to have a Prowler use it. If not don't sit on your a$$ you better improvise. Below is the Prowler I had made by a local high school teacher. He hooked me up with an unreal price. The first time I used it I was cashed. Get one and DO IT!
There you have it some options that will help you cut some fat, increase your cardio strength, and get you out of the gym. Keep in mind I am training outside in Texas not many places hotter than that so hold the excuses. Plenty of options all you need to do is just try one.

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