Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Inexpensive Solution to Gaining Weight

Having trouble gaining the last 5-10 lbs. before your next competitive season starts?


Are you a scrawny S.O.B who needs to gain some weight so you don't look like the skinny guy on Jersey Shore more like someone who could handle a Snooki?

Hey not everyone can be a Fist-Pumping Champ.

It might be time for you to start taking some doses of Extra Light Olive Oil.

Why should you gain weight? In order to be bigger, stronger, faster. So girls don't automatically think of you as a "friend" but someone who they can show off to their friends.

So what kind of Olive Oil should you get and how much? You should look for one that says "Extra Light" Olive Oil. Extra Light is referring to the taste not the calories. You will be able to get 120 calories per tablespoon and if you take 4 tablespoons a day you will get close to 500 extra relatively clean calories. Start off with a couple of tablespoons then build up to an extra 800-900 calories. These calories take little effort to prepare and consume. Also you are not left feeling too full so you can continue to consume your regular meals.

DISCLAIMER-Please be aware drinking olive oil does not automatically mean your will be yoked. You still need to do heavy compound lifts, eat 6+ quality meals a day and rest.

The 2 brands I recommend are:

HEB Brand

photo-2.jpg picture by nbstrengthcoach

Walmart Brand

photo1-1.jpg picture by nbstrengthcoach

Both brands were "Extra Light" tasting but the HEB brand was easy going down and I didn't have to do my best impression of Frank the Tank to swallow it. If you want to get crazy pour it in a shot glass...

Frank-The-Tank-old-school-648737_90.jpg picture by nbstrengthcoach

Why wouldn't you try it, who knows it might work (it does).

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