Monday, June 20, 2011

If I Were You I'd Take Precaution

Last year, I started training Raelyn in preparation for 7th Grade Volleyball. We kept things pretty simple with basic compound lifts and easy to learn accessory movements. This year was going to step it up since she was older and knew what to expect from the sessions. Training would last an hour which included Warmup, PVC Roll, Band Assisted Stretch, Explosive Power Movements, 2 from Bench, Squat, Dead, Press, Auxiliary Lifts and PVC Roll/Cool Down.

Week 1 was an Introductory phase of learning the exercises and temp. Week 2 was where she really progressed.

Example Training Session
5 Min Walk
PVC Roll-Ham, Quad, Glute, Back x 2
Band Stretch
Y, L, W, T x 10
Overhead Press
Front Squat

Above is the basic outline of training session not including some auxiliary supersets, explosive movements and conditioning.

Last Year After Week 1
Deadlift 80 lbs x 8
Overhead 20 lbs x 8
Squat 55 lbs x 8

This Year After Week 1
Deadlift 155 lbs x 8

Overhead 50 lbs x 8

Squat 65 lbs x 8

Every exercise was chosen in order to maximize her play on the volleyball court. She would need power, strength and stamina. There is no wasted movement or exercises to "make her sweat." She can go to her local personal trainer for that nonsense. She brings it every time she walks into the weight room and there are few girls out there working as hard.

Stay tuned it only gets better...

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