Monday, December 26, 2011

I Didn't Get What I Wanted:Gift Idea 1

The holidays have come and gone so hopefully you had a great time with your family. Getting presents shouldn't been the focus of the holidays but if your lucky enough to receive gifts then it's always cool to get some good ones. If not, I am here to help. There might not be too much money in your bank account so the gifts to yourself will be cheap.

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The Bench Press is a worldwide favorite exercise of nearly everyone that steps into weight room. Have you seen an open bench press on a Monday afternoon? I think not. You'll still be able to do the beloved bench press but will add board presses to the menu. Boards can improve weak points from the chest to lockout depending on the thickness of the board.

To make the boards you start off some 2x4 from the local home improvement store.
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At Lowes for $5.67, you will have a piece of lumber that is 2x4x16 which is roughly about 192 inches of material. This should be enough for a 2, 3, 4, and 5 board. The bottom base board will be longer in order to have a handle. I would make the handle board 14 inches and any other board will be 12 inches.
  • 2-Board-14 inch plus 12 inch=26 inches
  • 3-board-14 inch plus (2) 12 in=38 inches
  • 4-board-14 inch plus (3) 12 in=50 inches
  • 5 board-14 inch plus (4) 12 in=62 inches
Comes out to 176 inches with some leftovers for screwups. Be careful cutting the boards it might be a good idea to have them cut at the store. Screw or glue them together and take some time no on likes going back to Lowes to restart. If you don't know how to use boards than start here.
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