Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Didn't Get What I Wanted:Gift Idea 3

This gift idea is great because there is no assembly required. Mobility and tissue quality is something people neglect far too often. Stretching will help somewhat but you guys need more than that. Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) can be what you've been looking for.
Personally I roll on PVC and Lax Ball before EVERY training session and incorporate it into the warmup. Balance the body part while laying on the ground and roll back and forth. Need a quick reminder on where to find the PVC look here. This is my last lower body one before my honeymoon.

PVC Roll x 10 passes each
IT Band
Low Back
Upper Back

Lacrosse Ball x 10 rolls

Chin Ladders

Kneeling Tire Jumps

Neck Flexion 4 x 25

The SMR was 2x through with chins, jumps and neck. The last of the warmup was 2 more sets of chins, jumps and neck.

Not having a pre-training routine is asking for trouble. It is a ritual for me and prepares the body for lifting physically and mentally. Help yourself out and buy something that will last forever. The PVC is about $7 and lax ball will set you back about $3. For about 10 bux you can help start off each training session the best way possible.

What do you like to do before training? Let me in on your top warmup secrets NB Strength Coach Fan Page.
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