Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jump Into the New Year

The Christmas Season has calmed down and now its time to buckle down and get ready for the New Year.  You need to have some goals lined up for the New Year to make this one the best one ever. Hopefully you received all the gifts you wanted and if not here is a cheap addition to buy with your leftover gift $.

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Now keep in mind most of my suggestions are entry-level equipment that won't dent your wallet.  This is a small price to pay for a powerful, portable conditioning tool that blends easily with other movements.  I like to use Jump Rope as a warm-up, coupled with a basic movement or a conditioning complex.


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After Foam Rolling and mobility, I add jump rope in a Tabata Format
20 Seconds On (Work), 10 Seconds Off (Rest)-8 Rounds.

*While Lifting

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Add a certain amount of Jumps in between the working sets of any lift.
Dead Lift x 5,5,3,,5,5,5
Jump Rope x 50 reps
Do the jump rope as your rest.


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After the main lift you can have a conditioning session.  Mix and match as many different exercises as you want.  Be careful too many and the focus is on remembering what to do.  
Sled Drag-Forward, Backward, Side x30 seconds
Tabata KB Swing & Jump Rope-20 Seconds of Swing or Rope, 10 second rest and change.

3 quick ways to add Jump Rope to your workouts for less than 3$ in 2013.  Add it in and give me some feedback at NB Strength Coach Facebook
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